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All about our Saturday Fun Rides & other

Hello riders & parents

In an order to make life a little easier for everyone we would like to have planned ride times for anyone who can make it and no pressure if you can not.  We will also explore some of the other parks (Big Creek, Haw Creek and Blankets Creek).  We will post our ride times on the calendar.

The only thing we ask to make this work is that we have at least one parent at the park during our ride times in case of emergency.  Also, the riders should make sure they are with at least one other and they have cell phone with them and the number of a parent that is at the park.  This is a ride at your own risk.  

1st Saturdays at Haw Creek - This is an easy flowing track where the kids can work on their skills and speed.  This is also a great trail to bring kids that are interested in mountain biking but may be intimidated by big creek 

3rd Saturdays at Big Creek - Roots and more Roots with lots of trails 

We will then also figure out some Saturdays to go to Blankets Creek

Who:  Anyone who would like to ride (they don’t have to be a member of the team) and a great time to introduce friends to mountain biking.  If you are going to leave your kids please make sure they are capable of riding with the group and be left on their own.  The parent who will be at the park while the kids are riding is not responsible for your child, they are only there in case of emergency.  

1.  We need at least one adult at the park from 9-11  (Please make sure if you are leaving your kid(s) that the adult has your cell #). Also, please make sure you are back at the park at 11 to either pick up are be around while your kid continues to ride.  

2.  Kids need to ride with at least one other with a cell phone in case of emergency.

3.  Follow all NICA rules

4.  Must have helmets

I will send out a sign up form for adults to sign up to be the person at the park.  (More are welcome).  Also, if there are no adults available for the ride I will let you know.  


Again this is not just for JCAAM but anyone who is interested in riding.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.